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What Are the Runes?

The Runes are Mysteries. In every day life they are an alphabet, but on the mythological plane of life they connect us to our deepest selves and Life Source. I offer intuitive Rune consultations and teach Rune classes online to give you the benefits the Runes offer.

What Benefits Does a Rune Consultation Bring Me?

The Runes are particularly insightful into the energies behind your question or endeavor. As the Past is like a fabric woven of the human action, the Runes tap into the Weave to determine what may arise in regard to your question. We can also review what best choices are available to you. More Rune FAQs available here.

Does It Benefit Me to Learn the Runes?

I, Susan, believes that it does. From the moment I connected with the Runes, I felt I had come home to myself. I felt deeply connected to the divine and to nature. The Runes gave me insights to overcome challenges, connected me to my authenticity, and led me to inner healing. The Runes also give me a focal point for intention and manifestation.

How Does One Master the Runes?

The Rune classes I offer online are designed to facilitate Rune mastery. The classes are companioned with mental exercises focused upon Rune mastery. The first level class teaches the meaning of the symbols of the Elder Futhark, how to make your personal Rune set, and basic divination skills. The second level class adds symbols from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark and builds upon the skills already learned. Learning about the Runes in level three is grounded in a Tree of Life study I developed that helps you to live more comfortably in your own body.

Free Rune Consultation

To test the power of the Runes, I encourage you to contact me, Susan of the North (Susan Hintz Epstein) for a free single Rune drawn consultation.

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