What the Runes Mean to Me

What the Runes mean to me is staying in the truth with myself

This morning I wake up with the Runes on my mind. I wonder how to communicate their beauty of so that people want to take my classes. I decide that the best way is to share what the Runes mean to me.

Guides to Communication and Inner Truth

The Runes facilitate my communication with the Divine and Nature. I am very connected to Nature in childhood, but lost that when exposed to church teachings of sin and guilt. These ancient symbols guide my reconnection to the Divine and Nature.

The Runes guide my self-knowing. Every school of philosophy from antiquity suggests, “Know thyself.” My intellect is very good at repressing what is uncomfortable for my ego to see. The daily Rune draw that I practice keeps me in truth with myself.

Keeping in truth with myself empowers me. Human emotion empowers curiosity, wonder, delight, and conscious expansion: The higher emotions that feed us in grace, health, intuition, and the power of becoming. What the Runes enhance my appreciation of life.

Experiencing a Meaningful Life Through Reverence

To experience a meaningful life, my aim to to be reverent includes reverence for the Cosmos in which I live: Mother Earth as planetary home, Sun which calls forth spiritual growth, and the Moon which teaches me the bright and shadowy aspects of my own nature. Human beings are part of Nature–not above it or below it. We evolved as transmitters of higher vibrations to feed Earth.

When I teach the Runes, I teach spiritual ways that accompany them. I share insights about consciousness, faith, and living. I have an idea that the Runes coming to us from prehistory are a resource for returning to people of European ancestry aspects of our own indigeny. By “indigeny” I imply a life that is lived close to the land with reverence for all that arises in relationship between humans and the natural and spiritual worlds. All of this is what the Runes mean to me.

To learn more about the Runes, Rune classes, or how I think, visit Rune Classes or my sister blog, Nornirs Corner.

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