Rune Divination and Psychic Reading

At the Rune Divination and Psychic Readings I give in person and at Psychic Fairs, people want to know what the Runes are. This information is explained below, along with what you can expect from a Rune Divination and Psychic Reading with me. I offer three levels of readings to fit your need and your pocketbook.

RAIDHO, Rune of Journey and Communication

What the Runes Are

The Runes are alphabetical symbols pre-dating history. Archeological finds help us to date them. Rune-like symbols engraved on the Hand of Irulegi from a recent excavation in Spain, date about twenty-one hundred years old. In 98 CE Tacitus wrote that Germanic tribes scratched markings on sticks for divination (Germania, 10).

The Elder Futhark, a Rune alphabet, dates back to the Viking era of 700 CE. Newer Futharks are the Anglo-Saxon Futhark and the Younger Futhark. As they are still in use today for Rune Divination and psychic reading, we know the Runes have a consistent history. The Runes are energetic powers that connect humanity with the Cosmos and help us to communicate with the spiritual aspect of life.

How the Runes Work During Rune Divination and Psychic Reading

I am a trained intuitive, and I sense the Runes as energy frequencies empowering specific themes of life like prosperity, health, and travel. They are like archetypes from the spiritual realm that help us deal with life on Earth. The Runes empower and guide human destiny.

During a Rune Divination and psychic reading, the Runes reveal unresolved issues. To clear the well of our soul frees us energetically to move forward in life. Sometimes the Runes will address a different situation than a client is asking about; this might be something to prepare for. From my own experience, I know that the Runes open the door to emotional healing.

Today it is better understood from the work of thought leaders like Gabor Mate, Dr. Joe Sarno, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Brene Brown, Bessel Van Der Volk, and Byron Katy, that repressed emotions stored in the body can wreck havoc with physical tissues and even mental health. In reading the Runes for myself and others, I have seen the Runes point toward areas that need healing. For those who are willing to do the work of emotional honesty with themselves, this can have huge benefits.

Emotion and desire push us in the direction of what we want. Cravings can cloud our judgment. The Runes are of valuable service in areas where these questions are unclear. Or a situation seems promising, but your intuition is screaming don’t do it. A simple Rune pull clarifies the difficulty.

Rune Divination and psychic readings help people who who are undecided upon their next direction in life. In such situations, I recommend a full Rune cast which reads aspects of the Past, Present and Future. The client and I talk over what the Runes are presenting.

In summary, the Runes get in touch with the emotional substance behind the question, and they align themselves with higher spiritual goals. Sometimes these things are hidden from the questioner, who may be surprised during a reading. Because I know the Runes well as a spiritual pathway to one’s Higher Self, I am able to dialog with the client to find solutions within the messages conveyed by the Runes.

Disclaimer: I am not a medium and I am not a Tarot reader. I sometimes use Oracle cards to back up Rune interpretations. I am a Rune shaman, and my Rune divinations and psychic readings do have a shamanic bent.

The Rune Divination and Psychic Reading is available in three different time slots

We make your appointment, arrange the time for the Zoom call, and I will send you the Zoom link as soon as I have received your payment. When the time arrives, I will create Sacred Space and make contact with our spirit guides, yours and mine. They facilitate communication. The information channeled will be for your highest good and I am grateful to be of service in this way. If you wish the session recorded, let me know at the time you arrange the appointment. Additional fees apply. The different lengths of time for the Rune Divination and psychic reading are priced at one question, half hour, and hour long slots.

  • A Rune Divination is very simple, I draw the Rune out of the pouch, show it to you, and interpret it.
  • Rune spreads provide more information. The type of layout I will use on a Rune spread depends on the nature of the query and amount of information needed.
  • A Rune cast involves my casting the stones or disks on a cloth of pre-marked circles representing the Past, Present, and Future. This Rune Divination and Psychic Reading is only done in the hour long slot. For this reading I invoke the Norns, Norse powers of fate and destiny. A Runecast is exciting to witness in person, yet complicated to video via Zoom. I am seeking ways to improve on this. I will provide you with a cell phone photo for referral points.

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