The Soul Map Reading


The Soul Map reading charts your spiritual well-being and that of the body, as well as your destiny.

Duration : 2 hours


Credit for this practice is given to Raven Kaldera, author of Wyrdwalkers: Techniques of Northern-Tradition Shamanism.

 [Placeholder for photo of my Soul Map cloth]

The hand-embroidered cloth shown illustrates the different capacities and qualities we bring into life. While at first glance, the layout seems inclusive of chakra-like energy centers, it really includes far more. The Soul Map reading accounts for the state of the astral body, vital energy, physical health, will, mood, vitality, functioning of thought and memory, the “higher self”, spirit guides, ancestors, capacity for honor and luck, psychic ability, the capability of merging with divine consciousness, your path to destiny, and your destiny itself.

The Soul Map reading provides insight into the complexity of your total self. As human beings, we have a diversity of self-aspects, some of which we are awake to and some which we are not. The Soul Map reading is a fun way to explore who and how you are and provides a guide post for awakening to Wyrd—life purpose.

The Soul Map reading is done only once, but it can be revisited with a Spiritual Consultation. The two hours given you for the Soul Map reading allow the completion of two rounds. The first round includes the drawing of stones indicating where your level of energy in any given area. The second round utilizes the Runes to review questions that arise during the first round. Questions provide insights into a situation, how one feels about it, and whether one carries any energy blockages in that area that require clearing. Further work with these issues can be revisited with a Spiritual Consultation.

Susan believes in addressing the whole person, and hopes you will address and trust your own intuition through a simple method of asking the right questions. Once we have determined why you are here, Susan might cast the Runes, engage with you in an art project, offer you a Reiki session or guide you through a visual or sonic meditation using the drumbeat.

You have the power of all-healing, but conditioned thoughts and beliefs get in the way that. We test a variety of methods for you to have more direct access to your Subconscious—that part of you that knows and remembers who you were before you were born and what it is you came into this life to accomplish.

Situations can and do change. Our lives have many different parts to them and we play many different roles. These parts and these roles are not the whole of who and what we are, but the whole of who and what we are looks out, witnesses, and uses the experiences of life to better understand the whole of who and what we are.

We ask simple and direct questions of our intuition, which can be like a child. Our Subconscious houses the information available to our intuition, and simple, direct questions draw this information more easily than complex questions.

I recommend the Spiritual Consultation whether you are facing a major life choice or are simply curious, because it can offer insights and guidance. I will not tell you what to do or what to choose. I provide guidance to your own intuition and interpret what the Runes mean. I want your highest good and I respect your free will.


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