Runecast! A Timely Snapshot of Your Life


Runes as oracles used in psychic reading offer a broader perspective for any question whether you are decision making or seeking answers to help thrive.

Have a Question?

A timely snapshot of your life with a Runecast can serve you! Have a question about something that is driving you to anxiety? Have a query about the immediate future? Or an interest in the long-term outcome of a project, business, or other venture? Or questions of a spiritual nature?

The Runes are in use for at least two thousand years, but probably the Runes as Oracles are much older. The indeterminate answer is because of the nature of the wood, upon which the earliest Runes were scratched, to decay.

Broader perspectives can be indicated

The Runecast providing a timely snapshot of your life offer insight in determining whether to act on something or not. They offer a broader perspective during the decision making process. No psychic prediction is ever written in stone, and no psychic should ever tell you that only she has all the answers. What the Runes as Oracles deliver on is a broader perspective, perhaps one you have not thought of.

What to expect

I offer psychic readings using the Runec as a timely snapshot of your life, via three different services:

  • One question for $30
  • Thirty minutes for $60
  • An hour for $120

The hour length reading shall consist of a Rune-cast with sufficient time allowed for questions and answers. This is a fun process to watch, should you have the opportunity to seek a reading in-person. A Rune cloth is used that holds three circles representing the past, present and future, as well as the four quarters representing facets of your life where you are giving, receiving, holding on to things or have made decisions about things. The Runecast really gives the best snapshot of your life within the time frame of six months to a year.

Once you book your reading

Once you book a reading, we set up your appointment via ZOOM. A recording is available for an additional fee of $15. Preparation for your reading begins well before our scheduled time, making contact with my Guides and yours for the best outcome for all. I sage my workspace that only light and love are welcome.

Disclaimer: Although I do work with the Runes magically, I do NOT offer hexes, curses, or anything of ill nature. My interpretation of the Runes is based upon the experience of the years I have been doing this work. 

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