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The time and dates for the upcoming Autumn Rune Level One Class have not been set yet. However, that information should be available by the end of July. Participants will be emailed downloadable information and the ZOOM link approximately one week ahead of class.

Duration : 2 hours


Rune Classes Online are taught live on Zoom in an intensive five-to-eight week classes, with class periods running two hours. I have structured the learning to understand the Runes as a pathway to guide self knowing and evolution. Disclaimer! This is a hands on class and not one that is a graded learn at your own pace style of class. Chiefly, I hope you show up excited to do the work.

Level One of Rune Classes Online

We begin with the known history of the Runes as an alphabet, or Futhark. By way of understanding, “Futhark” is the first six letters of the Rune alphabet. Comparatively, we learn the energetic, mystical, and magical meanings of each of the twenty-four symbols of the Elder Futhark, including the three rows of eight, or Aetts. For a measure of creative fun, Level One includes making your own Rune set and simple divination techniques.

Level Two of Rune Classes Online

We take what we learned in Level One, and consequently deepen our Rune practice. Receive guidance for every day life, provide guidance for others, develop a meditative practice and work on a Rune journal. Significantly, by the end of this class you should know how the Runes fit into the calendar year, how to calculate a Rune hour, and how to create sigils with Rune script. A goal of our meditation is to awaken the light-body and the gift of sensing energies.

Level Three of Rune Classes Online

Learn how the Runes relate to the Northern Tree of Life and Worlds. This tree is called Yggdrasil; the name means the Steed of the Terrible One. As above, so below–the Tree of Life is alive within the Norse Mythology and also within us. Accordingly, we begin to look at the teachings within the fairy tales, beginning with the Norse Creation myth, and explore our personal connection to the Cosmos. If you have looked for a deeper feeling of connection to Nature, to Earth, to what it means to be deeply human, this class may be for you.

Your Instructor

Your instructor is Susan Hintz-Epstein. She delivers the Rune of the Day and a weekly overview in her YouTube podcast. Susan has taught the Runes, read the Runes, lived the Runes, and studied the Runes for over ten years. She advocates learning the Runes for self-knowledge, guidance, connection, and spiritual balance in times of change and uncertainty.

Each class, structured to invite participant involvement, will remain small from five to ten people. This allows room for questions, answers, and making connections without shyness. Information sheets will be provided for the week ahead. I hope you are prepared to go deep.

The Autumn Rune Class will begin in the Fall of 2024. Please let me know of your interest at, and I will contact you once the time and dates for the next classes have been set. Because of the structured level of these classes, I ask that you begin with Level One as prerequisite for Level Two, and Level Two as prerequisite for Level Three.



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