Learn the Magical Meaning of Ancient Norse Runes

The magical meaning of the ancient Norse Runes works in modern times. The Runes, learned with diligence and practice, serve to know ourselves and attain what we need in life. The word “Rune” means whisper, mystery, or secret.

The Magical Meaning of Ancient Norse Runes is as relevant to modern times as they were more than 2,000 years ago.

The Runes An Ancient Alphabet With Magical Meaning

Norse Runes estimated at twelve hundred to two thousand years of age. We see proof in Viking era stone carvings (800 AD to 1100 AD) and Tacitus’ Germania (10) written in 98 CE. Tacitus said Germanic tribes wrote marks on twigs and cast the pieces onto a white cloth to divine the future. The Runes are likely a much older oral tradition.

Historians claim Rune letters originate from the Etruscan, Roman, Phoenician or Greek alphabets. Yet only twelve of the Runes have similarity to these letters. Other figure more similar in shape to the Runes were found on the recently unearthed Hand of Irulegi, 2,100 years old. The Hand of Irulegi from the Basque area of Spain in Navarro contains script of a proto-Basque alphabet.

The word zorioneko engraved on the bronze hand means “good fortune.” The hand is probably a charm both welcoming visitors and repelling evil spirits from the living. Its connection by magical means links the Hand of Irulegi, however distant in time and place, to the magical meaning and usage of the ancient Norse Runes.

Now You Can Learn the Magical Meaning of Ancient Runes

Despite its uncertain historic written origin, the ancient oral tradition maintained the Runes’ magical meaning. Rune magicians today write and chant the Runes as powerful tools because they want spiritual mastery, and to manifest what they need and desire in life. Learn the magical meanings of the Runes today with a series of Rune Classes with Susan Hintz-Epstein.

Susan Hintz-Epstein, your Rune teacher, has been interpreting the Runes for others since 2013. She walks a spiritual path with Nature and believes that scientist Max Plank’s theory of energy fields is wholly compatible with the ancients’ way of seeing an animistic universe, in which everything has consciousness. Learn more about Susan’s story here.

Susan conducts her Rune Classes online via small Zoom online classes. This allows personal, up close teaching with opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and develop Rune community. Students usually come away from class with a deeper trust of their own intuition. For class content, read on.

Rune Class Level One–Introduction to the Runes

The first level course runs over a period of five weeks, and covers:

  • The origin, history, and mythology of the Runes as we know them.
  • Drawing and pronouncing the names of the twenty-four Runes of the Elder Futhark.
  • The energetic meanings of the twenty-four Runes are powerfully experienced through a somatic meditative introduction.
  • Start a Rune Journal to record meanings associated with the Runes from your life circumstances.
  • Weekly handouts are provided that exceed the information we have time for in class.
  • To add power to our experience using the Runes, we make our own set. How-to instructions are provided for three different methods so that you can choose what feels right to you.
  • The final class explores simple, basic methods of fortune telling so that you can begin to enjoy the magic of your Rune set.


Rune Class Level Two–Rune Practices for Life Attainment

The second level class runs over a period of five weeks. Level One is pre-required to take the Level Two Class. Learning becomes more experiential. We build upon what was learned earlier with advanced divination skills and writing the Runes in combined Rune script sometimes called Bind Runes.

  • The three AETTs of the Elder Futhark and why they are important to deeper Rune work.
  • The numeric powers of 3 : 6 : 9
  • The Runes of the Anglo-Saxon Futhark and when you might choose to use them in your practice
  • Meditative practices continue to more powerfully embody the energy of the Runes.
  • Empowering the Runes by the cycle of the Moon: Rune script in moonlight
  • What is Galdor, what is Seidhr, and how are they practiced?
  • Calculate Runic hours for timing of spells and incantations
  • Weekly handouts continue to exceed information provided in class.
  • Introduction to the World Tree and the power of the Norse Creation Myth, the focus of Level Three


Rune Class Level Three–the Tree of Life Within You

The third level class runs over a period of nine weeks. Levels One and Two are pre-required. The experiential flavor continues as we begin to study the embodiment of the Tree of Life in ourselves.

  • The power of the Norse Creation Myth and the principle energies of the Nine Worlds: realms of non-ordinary reality (NOR) and psychological states.
  • The power of intentional sensation.
  • The conflict of Fire and Ice: the powers of the worlds of Muspelheim and Niflheim
  • Builders and Thinkers: the powers of the worlds of Svartalfheim and Ljosalfheim
  • Chaos and Order: the powers of Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Asgard, and Helheim
  • Midgard at the center: the human being, the Norse Medicine Wheel, and the power of direction
  • How the chakras correlate to the Nine Worlds of the Tree
  • Chanting and visualizing the Runes to Journey to the Nine Worlds


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