How to Use WUNJO

WUNJO means Joy, an absolute joy that can be experienced when we are totally satisfied with our lives, our accomplishments, friendships, and families. However, WUNJO is a reversible Rune, and its reversal means suffering. The opposites of Joy and Sorrow are easy to understand and, I believe, suggest its obvious use.

How to use WUNJO? Be in the moment. Experience your feelings wholly, even the sad ones. Use Joy and Sorrow to appreciate all that you have. Appreciate the moment you are in, for time and emotion are continually shifting.

WUNJO can bring us to Presence. It is the eighth Rune of the first AETT, and much like Gurdjieff’s octave, one line of forces has completed its cycle, and the next cycle of the second AETT is to begin. Here is a time to pause and reflect before HAGAL, the first Rune of the second AETT shakes everything up.

How to use WUNJO in divination and manifestation
How to use WUNJO in Divination

Depending on whether the Rune fell upright or reversed calls into Divination the Joy or Sorrow expressed in the moment of the reading. The Runes surrounding WUNJO suggest cause and solution.

How to use WUNJO in manifestation

Meditate on WUNJO when feeling stuck or unhappy. Let your mind wander over all that is good, right, and worthy in your life. This trick stops the habitual thoughts that feed personal unhappiness.

To bring WUNJO into your energy field, shop for or make a piece of jewelry. Etsy sellers make plenty of pendents, charms, rings, and earrings, here, where you can pick up the Joy Rune already prepared for you. If you are crafty yourself, you can press a pendent out of Sculpy crafter’s home-bake clay, scratch the Rune on a wooden disk, or paint one on stone. Fire Mountain Gems offers many jewelry components to bring your jewelry together. And remember, if you believe in something enough, it will work for you.

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