How to Use URUZ

How to use URUZ

URUZ is the second Rune in the Elder Futhark cycle. Its traditional meaning is Aurochs, the wild ox or bison of prehistoric Europe. In the Norse Mythology Aurochs is regarded for its physical strength and ferocity. Norse warriors celebrated the Aurochs as a worthy opponent of the hunt by using its horns as vessels for mead and beer.

How to use URUZ in divination:

The Rune URUZ turning upright in divination represents physical strength, stamina, power, vitality, and strength of will. URUZ indicates good health and the strength to see a project through. A trial by fire or other ordeal succeeds.

URUZ shows up in reversal in matters of ill health, physical weakness, lack of will power, low vitality or virility, and can also mean that one has failed to take advantage of an opportunity. Sometimes the Rune reverses itself when the querent is tired, needs rest or has denied themselves adequate self-care.

How to use URUZ in manifestation:

To manifest with URUZ, hold the symbol in your mind’s eye along with your positive imagination. Let’s say if your intention is good health, hold that. Feel it. Empower the idea by imagining the experience of it in your own body.

If improving health is your intention, feel it and empower it by imagining the experience of that in your own body while you visualize the symbol.

If having the strength to accomplish a physically strenuous task, visualize the symbol and simultaneously empower your intention by feeling it in your own body.

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Feeling an intention in your body by way of the five senses, is a method that empowers your intention to come toward you.

The body is the physical ground that houses intellect, emotions, and spiritual gifts. The body enables us to take action toward what we want, need, and desire. Imagination and creativity are spiritual tools for manifestation.

We use our imagination to call forth what we want. We use our creativity to shape it. The powers of our creative imagination co-create with the universe what we have called into being by our thoughts, feelings, and senses about it.

A useful mediation to practice is to sit quietly on floor or in a chair, back straight, and hands on lap. Begin putting your attention into areas of your body until you experience the awareness of that body part. Once you have that, move on to the next area without losing awareness of the former body part. It does not matter where you begin. You might begin with the feet and move up the legs, the hands and move up the arms, torso, neck, and head–or the reverse of this. What matters is that you develop the capacity to sense and be aware of your body. You can then more easily call into your body the feeling of empowering your intention.

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