THURISAZ means “Thorn” and is the third Rune of the Elder Futhark. All in all, THURISAZ possesses multiple meanings and is among my favorites of the Rune cycle.

How to use THURISAZ
How does THURISAZ work?

In the physical world, THURISAZ manifests as a protected, enclosed area and firm establishment of boundaries. Furthermore, the Norse God Thor associates with this Rune arising as a protector of humans and Gods in response to powers too large for us to handle.

On the emotional level, THURISAZ points out where we get in our own way. THURISAZ’s masculine energy intrudes as thorny thoughts, worries, or ideas, which can drive us crazy. Indeed, THURISAZ has pointed out many areas in my own experience where an outmoded, negative belief about situations required timely action to turn potentially bad situations around.

On the level of consciousness, THURISAZ helps establish firmer mental boundaries against things, people, and places toxic to our authenticity. He empowers us to define these situations as they come arise.

How to use THURISAZ in Divination

When THURISAZ shows up in a Divination, I ask on all three levels mentioned above, “Where is there a need for boundaries or protection in my life?” Then I sit down and do some hard introspecting. Firstly, I look at my physical activities. I consider my emotions particularly in my relationships. Finally, I examine these across the board in relation to career and family. That is how I use THURISAZ in Divination.

When THURISAZ turns upright I look outside myself for the situation. When THURISAZ reverses, I look within.

Have you noticed a corresponding relationship between what is going on in the world around you and your perceptions to it? Perceptions form the data that feed the emotions and the mind. I can easily form a wrong idea about a situation based upon my prior programming. Thus I am willing to consider that might be wrong.

How to use THURISAZ in Manifestation

Once THURISAZ shows up in a Divination, I draw the Rune. I carry it on my person as a symbol that contributes to my mindfulness of the situation I am trying to address. I find that carrying this energy usually resolves the situation in a day or less. Contrarily, to wear this energy longer than that is to invite a thorny situation instead of to turn it around.

How to use THURISAZ to call the thunderstorm

THURISAZ as Thor’s Rune invites the thunder clap. To call an actual thunderstorm to fix nitrogen in the soil for one’s garden, one could actually meditate or pray this Rune in the garden and manifest a thunderstorm.

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