How to Use RAIDHO

RAIDHO, the Journey Rune, fifth in the Elder Futhark, means natural law, the orbits of the stars, navigation, and travel. Legends tie this Rune to Thor in his goat cart traveling across the heavens to fight the Jotun (Giants) who trouble humans and Gods. Read on to learn how to use RAIDHO in divination and manifestation.

How to use RAIDHO

RAIDHO pertains to the energy of natural law, lawful consequences, right action, right relationship, right thought, and human reciprocity. When I was first learning the Runes, the Journey Rune showed me two scenes. The first was a group of men preparing for war. They repaired armor for themselves and their horses, working iron in the forge. The second was a group of medieval monks piling hay onto an ox-drawn cart.

How to use RAIDHO in Divination

Overall, this Rune means traveling and journeying, but what is larger than the life journey? If any Rune speaks scientifically, this Rune is it. From the orbits of planets, suns, and moons and their balance in the heavens, to the heartbeat and circadian rhythm of the human being, RAIDHO covers it all.

I often think in terms of some of the Buddhist teachings when I am meditating upon RAIDHO, because right and lawful rhythm extends to right thought, right action, and right relationship. These analogies find correspondence among other Runes in the reading.

Travel, an important journey, or even one’s destiny are expected by the this Rune in an interpretation. Generally, RAIDHO showing upright is positive. Albeit, when it reverses, expect a sudden unforeseen journey–a trip to the hospital, or illegal, destructive actions out of alignment with universal harmony.

How to use RAIDHO in Manifestation

Want to take a trip, or guarantee safe travels? To that end, hold this symbol in your third eye and visualize all the beneficial outcomes you expect to have on your journey. When I was new to the Runes, I asked for Runes to make me a safe driver as I drove children on a school bus. Accordingly, RAIDHO, along with GIFU and DAGAZ were the Runes suggested to me.

So you need to be a quick study in matters scientific? Combine the Journey Rune, RAIDHO with the Knowlege Rune, KENAZ.

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