How to Use KENAZ

KENAZ, the sixth Rune in the Elder Futhark series and known as the “Fire Torch”, relates to knowledge, technique, technology, and craft. The first Rune you see in the photo below is KAUN, an Anglo-Saxon variation of KENAZ. The second one appearing like a sideways “V” is KENAZ.

The Runes KAUN and KENAZ. How to use KENAZ is deepened by understanding the added meanings of KAUN.

While this series on the Runes is dedicated to the Elder Futhark, the photo I found in my personal Rune library carries two images. The image on the right is KENAZ. The image on the left is KAUN, a variant from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. I will write about in a later series. To know the history a little bit is to add depth to the meaning of each Rune. In this case, KAUN brings the added meaning of pain from boils, burns, or blisters.

Fire building is an art that ancient humankind needed for survival in the far north. Because the art of fire building held such importance, I believe that learning became an attribute of this Rune. KENAZ represents friendly fire, the useful fire of hearth, home, and blacksmithing.

Furthermore, those who are learning to walk the pathway of a life congruent with Nature–Druidry, Shamanist, or Wiccan–will work directly with the Elements. In work with fire, a person learns how to structure the layout for a fire, the types of wood for the fire he is laying out, and holds his aim for the work he is doing. Craft and technique figure in here as well.

How to use KENAZ in Divination

Unquestionably when KENAZ turns up in psychic readings, the querent either turns out to be an artist involved in craftwork, or is asking questions of a loved one going off to college. This Rune suggests careers, mastering a career, mastering a change in career, or taking up new learning affecting a career. KENAZ further speaks to lessons learned in a hard way. Perhaps someone made a choice that turned out badly or took a risk and the consequences were unfavorable. In this case, the interpretation is to take the learning that occurred and build upon that. Structure it in a favorable way.

KENAZ does present in reverse with several potential interpretations. Some one does not yet know enough, and more must be learned. Ignorance might blindside the effort. Correspondingly, one has been thinking too much, and it is time to give the mind a rest. Learning is not always intellectual, and some answers arrive in a timely way through intuition. Other Runes in the draw enhance interpretation.

How to use KENAZ in manifestation

Trust that meditating upon KENAZ will open the doors to the knowledge you seek. Carry the Rune upon your person in order to stay focused upon your goals. Use KENAZ to start a fire and to keep a fire burning and to keep it within safe boundaries.

If your thoughts tend to get disorderly or on the ADD side as mine are wont to do, KENAZ is a great symbol to set your mind suggestively to come back to. When I feel my energy is low or that I am entering into a scatter-witted state of mind, I can program my Subconscious to draw me back to KENAZ in a slack moment. Granted this takes some pre-planning on my part and good self-awareness. During the moment of arising or the moment of going to bed when the mind is most hypnotic, I make the suggestion that KENAZ appear in my mind the moment my mind wanders off course.

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