How to Use GEBO

GEBO is the Gift Rune, always beneficial and always upright. YouTube podcaster Thunder Wizard considers GEBO the “Rune of Unconditional Generosity.” He states that in a culture of gift giving and generosity, “mutual gift giving creates a spiritual bond of trust” (Michael William Denney, Advanced Rune Shamanism).

How to use GEBO

“Mutual gift giving creates a spiritual bond of trust.”

Michael William Denney, Thunder Wizard

I adore this idea, but I also think that gift giving brings with it the onus of receiving. People do not always give from unconditional generosity. And other people, willing to accept a gift at face value without looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth, may be taking on expectations they have not bargained for. While unconditional generosity is a heartfelt, spiritual practice, gifts are not always given from that heart-centered space.

Stories about Volsung gold bear the betrayals of greed. Liege lords of the Nordic lore gift gold rings to their men. Odin has a ring named Draupnir that Loki gifted him. The ring was made by dwarves and reproduces itself eight times every nine nights. Odin can keep a lot of vassals.

A vassal accepts from the liege lord his protection in return for loyalty and service. Yet this kind of servitude begs the question of whether I am making an oath that I can live with. Does this oath cross my personal boundaries of honor, integrity, and conscience? Am I agreeing to a principle I can live with? If so, then:

With my obligatory warning stated, GEBO is indeed a Rune of mutual benefit and equal exchange of energy. Perhaps its highest manifestation is spiritual union with the Divine.

How to use GEBO in divination

Other meanings include sexual union, marriage, and business partnerships. These may be entering the questioner’s life. Further interpretations include one’s innate spiritual gifts–intelligence, emotional intelligence, intuition, discernment, leadership, and the like. Going deeper, shared gifts are something your beloved ones gift you that truly serves to awaken a longing in your soul. One of the best gifts my first husband gave me was a motorcycle helmet. The innate spiritual gift it expressed? Freedom.

How to use GEBO in manifestation

I am getting away in today’s post from an assumption that manifesting is all about us and our needs. Sometimes it is imperative that we empower the human collective and the collective life of the planet. Reciprocity and cooperating with others to meet needs larger than my own empowers all of us.

I feel a vital connection with the Gift Rune and the relationships we hold with all other beings in the spiritual “oneness” of the world. A beautiful teaching from Native Americans that has been shared with me is the Lakota medicine prayer, “Mitayuke oyassin.” The phrase translates in English as “all my relatives,” “we are all related,” or “all my relations.” It is a prayer of harmony and oneness with all forms of life: humans, animals, birds, insects, trees, plants, rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys.

The Peruvian Andean Inca came out of their mountain homes early in the 1900s to share their teachings of oneness with modern people who had forgotten what it was, and forgotten that they even needed it. The concepts of ayni and munay belong to the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa and hold heartfelt reciprocity and love for one another. Everybody has what they need to live. Goods are not stockpiled and held for the very rich to sell to get richer, but shared equally with all. “Today for me, tomorrow for you.” People live and thrive because they care about one another and they care about “all my relations.”

Therefore, in using GEBO in manifestation, I take up the practice of unconditional generosity. This definition began this post and it is the definition to which I will always return… Warning aside.

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