How to Use FEHU

Welcome to the first in my series of blog posts on the Runes of the Elder FUTHARK. Suggestions provide How-To use the Runes daily to add to your quality of life.

FEHU is known as the Rune of moveable wealth and prosperity. With the new understanding of our modern era, I add the qualities of manifestation and attraction to this Rune. When your positive imagination is in alignment with FEHU, you easily draw toward yourself what you need and desire in accord with the synchronicity of the universe.

Conversely, when your negative imagination is affecting your worldview and you are lost in thoughts that nothing good is ever going to happen for you, you will instead repel what you need and desire. The reason for this is that human beings have a dual nature just like a magnet. When you are in a positive state, all good things come to you. When you are in a negative state, you attract the opposite.

Info Box

FEHU is the first Rune of the cycle of twenty-four Runes belonging to the Elder FUTHARK. The word “FUTHARK” is nothing more than the first six letters of the Runic alphabet. It would be like naming the English alphabet “ABCDEF” and serves to distinguish this alphabet from all others.
An interesting fact about the Runes is that no other alphabet is structured like this one. The alphabets we know about from history follow the version of “ABCDEF.” If you are interested in learning the Runes, this has implications for how you will work and interact with them. Learn more.

How to Use FEHU in Divination:

When you use FEHU in divination the upright and the reversed position have opposite meanings. An upright FEHU indicates money and opportunity coming in. A reversed FEHU can mean a time to be frugal with what you have. Surrounding Runes in the layout can provide more information as to the circumstances surrounding the questioner.

How to Use FEHU in Manifestation:

To use FEHU for manifestation plug yourself into a positive state of receiving. I center and ground myself in my body so that I can add the sensory aspect of having what I am seeking to my positive imagination of what I am seeing and feeling. You don’t have spend hours on this, but plug yourself into this positive visualization from time to time throughout the day. Add a gratitude practice, and perhaps the self-affirmation, “I receive abundantly what I need and desire.”

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