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Susan, teacher of ancient Norse Runes magical meaning

Rune teacher

Susan Hintz Epstein

I am a Rune teacher, psychic, artist, and shaman. I teach the ancient Norse Runes meaning to develop intuition and enhance embodiment. The Runes open a spiritual pathway to your own essential nature. They guide life through forecasting, focusing intention, emotional healing, and provide magical meaning to daily existence.

How May I Serve You?

I use the Runes in a variety of ways to guide you. The Runes are very old and have been serving humanity for as long as 1200-2000 years. We know this from the age of the Viking era Rune stone carvings and Tacitus’ Germania written in 98 CE in which he referenced their use by the Germanic tribes. The ancient Norse Runes magical meanings remain powerful tools today for fortune telling, spirit work, weather work, deep inner healing, and pursuing your destiny.

Here are the Runes services I offer.

Rune Classes

Classes to share the meaning of the ancient Norse Runes as powerful guiding energies to know yourself and attract what you need in life. Learn the Runes to provide yourself with a soul deepening experience that assists conscious expansion and connection to Life. If this interests you, learn more.

Psychic Rune Oracle

Fifteen, thirty, and sixty minute psychic Rune readings are available. The Runes are drawn or cast to review the energies behind your question, and guide you to best possible outcomes. Learn more!

Soul Map Reading

Draw the stones and cast the Runes to determine your inborn talents, strengths, and weaknesses. A helpful tool in matters of life, dharma, healing, and more. The Soul Map can be followed up any time with a Runes consultation. Learn more!

Learn Age-Old Rune Teachings

I love God, but I have never limited that concept to any one religion. From a Christian upbringing, Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way work, and consciousness studies in Buddhism, Taoism, Ba’hai, and Reiki, I see beauty and connectedness where other people see division. Today I consider myself a Rune Shaman. Shamanism follows an animistic worldview.

The meaning of the age-old Runes came into me in 2013 like a computer download, and the Elohim of the waterway behind my home introduced me to the Norns. My life has felt blessed ever since.

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